The company nearly 2 million foreclosure prevention actions since the beginning of the guardianship have abgeschlossen.7 millions of these measures have allowed borrowers to retain homeownership, more than one million more than a million permanent loan modifications.

With little difference in price, in in the best interests of older Americans who choose a whole life policy, says Gilgen. More more, some life insurance policies as a dual policy with long-term care insurance rather than life insurance function should the need arise. As he notes, ‘It is a perfect solution for people in this age. ‘.

If you want to keep your home in the family, and your adult children have substantial cash reserves of their own proposes Gilgen private pensions. In essence, you act the house to your child and he or she pays you a fixed amount every month, which keeps the house in the family and offers you some income at the same time..Fixed income instruments The magnet for investors seeking flexibility and securityThe share market continued to show volatility, this year , many investors are shifting more of their money out of equity and into debt securities and other fixed-income investments. When they make the move, they are the face binding exchange-traded funds a an opportunity to improve their overall investment strategy.

Uncertainty about repetition an event occurs such as the 6th May flash crash has also investors seeking for ways to make investments to leave rapidly – have little ETFs.. Leon warns investment for liquidity of the ETF check – there has healthy asset base, and there a regular trade? Asset size and trading volumes has become very important, in cost since more provider which provide to type of debt security types of bonds. Low trading volume into ETF can be not representative real market prices lead for transferable securities, and it may hit a shortage of of investor interest, the effect of include on that said ETFs. – If you art has for its wider the fixed income ETFs, that average trade volume adequate, you’ll be fine, says Leon.